Vancouver Island: Day One

After my marathon trip to the Interior, I had half a day at home to run errands before an upcoming cruise the following Saturday.  Every year there is an antique show in Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island that I like to attend and visit some of the local antique malls and thrift shops to find more hotelware pieces.  I woke up at 5:30 AM and was on the road to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal to catch the 7:45 AM sailing to Nanaimo, a two hour journey.  While driving through Langley, I saw the digital ferry information display showing how full the sailings were.  I saw forty minutes away, and the ferry was already 80% full!  I booked it the rest of the way, and ended up just barely squeaking on to the ferry.  The sailing was uneventful, and I found myself at the Nanaimo Value Village at about 10:30 AM.


My bug encrusted car.


No hotelware at this Value Village, but I found a rather nice midcentury modern landscape painting and a pair of cufflinks.  You can’t see it in the picture but the price on the painting was $14.99.

After Nanaimo, I headed north to Parksville to a church thrift store that I’ve had really good luck at before, and found a single bowl.  This was a fortuitous find, since a red version of the same bowl brought be such good luck on the last trip!  I stopped at two other stores in Parksville before heading to Coombs, and the antique stores there.  The power of the bowl held true, and I found four pieces, and two more pairs of cufflinks!


Thrift store action shot!


Alligator head fiercely guarding a Hotel Manitoba plate.  The hotel building still stands in Gastown.

In addition to the Hotel Manitoba plate, I also picked up a creamer in a stock pattern that was used on Union Steamship Company vessels as well as two side plates from the Western Canada Steamship Company (WCSC).  WCSC operated out of Vancouver, and used surplus ships that were purchased from the Canadian government after the Second World War.


Here is one of the WCSC plates.  The store owner didn’t know what line they were from, and I said that for a discount I would reveal all!  I was just joking, but she gave me $2 off each, along with small discounts on the other dishes.

After visiting another store that sold some vintage stuff and soap (I bought three bars), I headed to Qualicum Beach, where I struck out at both the thrift and antique stores.  I’m writing this in the Parksville McDonald’s and using their terrible Wifi before I head to my campsite at Brannan Lake!  Tomorrow I will go south of Nanaimo, and visit Ladysmith, Chemainus, and end in Duncan at the antique show!


My campsite at Brannen Lake in Nanaimo.


No tent for me!  This is why I wanted a station wagon.