Vancouver Island: Day Two

Well I’m back in the line for the ferry at the end of a long day waiting to head back to the mainland. It’s been a long hot trip and today I stopped and probably a dozen different stores in search of treasure. But of course it all started out at the campground and after I packed everything up had a shower and checked out I headed into Nanaimo and went to the first thrift store I could find. And wouldn’t you know I actually found something completely new! 

This is a mug from BC Ferries that was used on their very short-lived Pacificat Fleet, high speed ferries that barely saw service before they were mothballed and sold off

What a fortuitous start to the day!  The next thrift store was a bit of a dud but after that I found something that looked a little bit… familiar.  Another BC Ferries mug.

An action shot of the mug as I found it.

Once again I barely got into the car before I spotted another thrift shop and found a plane creamer in the stock pattern. The finds restarting it a little bit more interesting, and a little bit older. The mugs from the BC Ferries date back to the late nineties or early 2000. The creamers made by John Maddock & Sons and the pattern is called Rosebud.

Is it starting to get repetitive!  Because at the next thrift store I found yet another BC Ferries mug, and some other stock pattern hotelware restaurant pieces. I found a stock pattern gravy boat three side plates in a pattern that was used by Canadian Railway News, and two small plates with Evergreen border.

After all this time getting in and out of thrift stores it was time it’s a real antique shops. The first two antique malls didn’t have anything but the third one I found some neat pieces.  A few were plain, but there was an oval bowl from the Tzouhalem Hotel and a tiny butter pat/ice cream shell.  Even though it is from Toronto, I didn’t want to leave it behind.  It had been in the shop for a few years (it also had a dead fly in it) and the price dropped low enough for me.

But now it was late afternoon and the whole reason for my trip to this island was approaching. It was the antique show in Duncan BC and I made arrangements to trade a mug from the Union Steamship Company for a hotel butter pat.  Before making the trade-off I did a quick Buzz around the show to see if I could find any other Treasures but I didn’t find a thing. I did have a nice time talking with vendors and meeting other collectors that have the same interest and giving my contact information.  I’m always looking to buy or trade but I also enjoy seeing other collections of hotelware so I could learn what is potentially out there to be found. I ended up buying a plain restaurant Ware mug to add to my collection as well.

The crowds! Who knows how many were bought before i got inside!

The Coldstream Hotel was near Vernon, BC